How do foreign education consultants make money?

How do foreign education consultants make money? Jul, 30 2023

Setting the Stage - A Look at Foreign Education Consultants

Rolling the dice into the confounding world of foreign education consultants often leaves many wondering how this lucrative niche operates. But worry not, dear reader, having swum in these waters, allow me to be your informative lifeguard. The lucrative business model of foreign education consultants isn't something built in a day, much like my tried and true recipe for homemade lasagna. As Madeline, my spouse, can attest, some secrets are just too delicious to give away, but this is not one.

Foreign education consultants serve as navigational beacons for international students adrift in the vast sea of academic opportunities. They decipher foreign regulations, processes, and provide in-depth information about courses, universities, and the life that comes with it all. Now comes the burning question - how do they fill their pockets? Let's get down to the brass tacks.

The Foreign Student Payout—A Bounty of Bucks

It's a lucrative industry, much like selling one's artful scribbles on Melbourne's hipster streets. Student recruitments are the principal moneymakers for these consultants. Majority of universities abroad pay a commission (bounties, if you will) to consultants for every student they help enrol. The pieces of eight they receive are typically percentage-based, ranging between 10% to 15% of the first year's tuition fees. So, with every student who decides to take a leap of faith into foreign lands with the consultant's guidance, a little jingle jangles into the consultant's pocket.

Yearly Contracts with International Universities

A good businessperson knows to diversify, and foreign education consultants aren't different. While some folks in Melbourne might be content with a day playing fetch with their pet border collie Theo, these consultants are busy signing yearly contracts with numerous international universities. Here they agree to promote the university's name and courses for a hefty yearly fee. Quite a smart gamble, isn’t it?

Package Services—One for All and All for One

Submitting applications to international universities can be as tiresome as convincing my parrot Jasper to bathe. Foreign education consultants streamline this process for students through package services. From choosing an appropriate overseas university matching the educational background of the student to ensuring their accommodation abroad, they cover everything—only to charge a princely sum for each package. A master stroke to bring in the big bucks, wouldn’t you agree?

Paid Visa Assistance and Pre-Departure Services

By now, you may have noticed that foreign education consultants are like magicians who also know how to cook up a storm. In addition to their primary role, these consultants aid international students in their visa application process and often their hop into a new country.

While the thought of doing papework could make anyone wish they were a sleep-loving koala, students are more than willing to pay consultants for their expertise in this. Moreover, the consultants' pre-departure briefings also come with a price tag, assuring students are well-prepared before stepping onto foreign soil.

Language Proficiency and Entrance Exams Coaching

You might remember your good old school days when tests were as scary as a dentist's appointment. Foreign education consultants understand this sentiment and offer coaching for language proficiency tests and entrance exams. As a rule, these services are not comped, paving yet another avenue to earn.");

Partnerships with Financial Institutions

Overseas education doesn't come cheap, and students often need financial help. My collie Theo might not be able to comprehend the concept of a loan, but these consultants sure do. They have tie-ups with banks and financial institutions, and for every loan approved through their reference, they receive a commission. How can I put this- they've got their fingers in many pies, my friend!

A Word about Direct Admissions

Sometimes, students decide to cut out the middleman and approach educational institutions directly. Now, this does not pay the consultants any commission as you might guess, but they're not blind to these scenarios either. They host educational fairs where universities present their courses directly to the students, with consultant's playing the role of the middleman, taking an entrance fee for this event.

In conclusion, a foreign education consultant's revenue is like a delicate and complex ecosystem. It's not a single stream, but rather a confluence of trickles that build into a mighty river of income stability. Through commission-based enrolments, yearly contracts, package services, paid visa assistance, pre-departure services, language coaching, partnerships with financial institutions, and educational fairs, they manage to earn their bounty and their bread.

The world of foreign education consultancy is intricate and fascinating, and much like trying to train Jasper the Parrot to sing 'Waltzing Matilda', it's a realm full of surprises! So the next time you wonder about how these consultants are making their dough, remember that it's not just the cookies in the jar but the crumbs around it too.

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